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Application FAQ's

If you join HCAR as a BUSINESS AFFILIATE, the annual membership fee is $300 for the basic package. Call or email us today for more information.

If you are joining HCAR as a PRIMARY or SECONDARY REALTOR® or as an MLS-ONLY SUBSCRIBER, there is a one-time application fee of $325.

If you are joining as a NEW OFFICE, there is a one-time application fee of $2000 plus the $325 one-time application fee.

Other fees include:

1.) a one-time SentriLock App access: $20.

2.) yearly dues billed in January of each year or prorated upon application submission: $660 for MLS and $560 for Local, State & National Realtor® dues.

A breakdown table showing prorated dues is located on the last page of the HCAR Membership Application Forms.

The entire application process can be completed in 5 days, if all paperwork is
complete and accurate, timely payments are made, and online training is finished

Please get in touch with our Membership Director: Amanda Bevins, by email or call..

Step-by-step on Application Process

Realtor® Association and MLS Application

Click HERE

Brand NEW Real Estate Licensees'.

Realtors® wanting to make our association Primary or Secondary.

Realtors® New to the State

Questions, Please Email: Amanda@hcar.Realtor

MLS Only Application

Click HERE

Realtors® with an association in North Carolina, and their Firm/BIC is already an MLS member.

Questions, Please Email: Amanda@hcar.Realtor

New Office MLS Application

Click HERE

To be filled out ONLY by Broker in Charge.

Questions, Please Email: Amanda@hcar.Realtor

Affiliate Non-Realtor® Membership Application

Click HERE

Questions, Please Email: Amanda@hcar.Realtor

Agent Transfer Form

Office Assistant Form: Add, Change or Delete Existing

Licensed Personal Assistant Form; Add or Delete Existing

Firm Name Change Form

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