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Application FAQ's

If you are joining HCAR as a BUSINESS AFFILIATE, you will pay an initial, pro-rated amount depending on when you join. The annual membership fee is $151 for the basic package, but we have many other options that would benefit your company. Call or email us today for more information on our Affiliate Membership packages.

If you are joining HCAR as a PRIMARY or SECONDARY REALTOR®, or as an MLS-ONLY SUBSCRIBER there is a one-time application fee of $325.

If you are joining as a NEW OFFICE, there is a one-time application fee of $2000, plus the $325 one-time application fee.

Other fees include:

1.) a one-time SentriLock App access: $20.

2.) yearly dues; which are billed in January of each year or prorated upon application submission: $660 for MLS, and $521 for Local, State & National Realtor® dues.

A breakdown table showing prorated dues is located on the last page of the HCAR Membership Application Forms.

The entire application process can be completed in 5 days, if all paperwork is
complete and accurate, timely payments are made, and online training is finished

1. Complete the Application for REALTOR membership and the Application for MLS
Subscriber and return them to the Association office via mail or in-person at 4469 Bamboo Rd., Boone, NC
28607 or *Please be sure the applications are signed by
both yourself and your Broker-in-Charge.
2. If your license does not yet appear on the North Carolina Real Estate Commission, please request that your Broker-in-Charge submit the License Activation & Affiliation form and send a copy of it to
3. Pay all required fees and dues. You will receive two separate invoices via email, one for Association fees and dues and another for MLS fees and dues. Payments may be made online by credit card or by checks made out to either HCAR or HCMLS as indicated on your applications.
4. Once fees and dues have been paid, a member of the Association staff will present your application to a membership committee for approval, which typically happens within 1-2 days.
5. After your membership has been approved, you will receive an email with a link to take the Code of Ethics online training (required by the National Association of
REALTORS®), as well as directions on how to complete the required MLS training
online. The Association will be automatically notified when you complete your training.
6. Once training is complete, a member of the Association staff will email you your MLS
login credentials.
7. You will be invited to attend an optional HCAR 101 orientation session in person at the Association office. These sessions take place in the spring and in the fall. They serve as an introduction to the Association and a networking opportunity to connect with other new members.

Please contact our Membership Director: Amanda Bevins by email, or you can schedule a time for a phone conference with her HERE.

For an expedited application experience schedule an appointment NOW with our Membership Director, Amanda Bevins.

Questions about becoming a member? Please schedule an appointment NOW with our Membership Director, Amanda Bevins.

To check the status of your application, click HERE to receive an update from our Membership Director, Amanda Bevins.

REALTOR® Membership Application

Affilate Membership Application

MLS Application

Click HERE

New Office MLS Application

Please contact Amanda Bevins 828-262-5437

Office Assistant Form: Add, Change or Delete Existing

Licensed Personal Assistant Form; Add or Delete Existing

Firm Name Change Form

Agent Transfer Form

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