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Q: How can I pay my dues?

A: Annual dues (Realtor® fees and/or HCAR MLS subscriptions) payments may be made online by credit card by logging into My Account. Payments made by check/money order should be dropped off at the office or sent by mail (please be sure your name and MLS ID are on the check). We do not accept cash. Please make out two separate checks. One goes to High Country Association of Realtors for your national dues. The other check should be made out to High Country MLS.  Other questions? Speak to our Manager of Member Accounts, Amanda Bevins. You can email her HERE or call her at (828)262-5437.

Q: Who do I contact regarding HCAR MLS questions or support?

A: Matrix is available to you for your support. Their helpline is listed below. Under their website is a drop-down for quick tips where you can find answers to your questions. If you have further questions, you will need to speak to our MLS Director, Shannon Getty. You can email her (preferred) HERE or schedule a phone appointment at 828-262-5437.

Q: Who do I contact regarding questions about HCAR Membership?

A. For existing members: You will need to speak to our Membership Director, Amanda Bevins, for questions regarding your membership services, benefits, continuing education, etc. You can email her (preferred) HERE, or you can schedule a phone call with her HERE.

For those interested in becoming members: Please visit our Member Center, Membership Applications tab for detailed information and applications.

Q: How do I get a SentriLock card and lockboxes?

A: SentriLock is no longer offering cards to access lockboxes. They have moved to App only access which utilizes bluetooth capabilities to unlock the boxes. Our Association bills you a one time set up fee for SentriLock at the time your application is processed. Any REALTOR® or Appraiser member can stop by the Association office to get SentriLock box(es). Pricing is pro-rated throughout the year.

Q: Where can I get contracts & forms?

A: You must login to your online account to access forms and contracts.

Q: Do I have to attend an Association meeting annually for membership credit?

A: No. The High Country Association of Realtors® no longer requires an annuall attendance for members, although we do reccommend meeting attendance.

Q: I noticed I need my NRDS number to access the NAR website, where do I find that?

A: Look for it in an email that was sent to you at the time you joined High Country Association of Realtors® or from your Primary Association. It is also displayed on our website when you login to your account - It’s a nine digit number right above your name.

Or... Click HERE to find your NRDS # on NAR.

Q: Where can I see what CE classes I have taken?

A: You can see the history of any classes taken by logging into the NC Real Estate Commission:

Bob Brooks School
(HCAR MLS Online Orientation Support)

Help Line


Showing Time
NC Real Estate Commission

NC Realtors

NC Realtors Legal Hotline

National Association of Realtors

Ziplogix (Zipforms)

Realtor Tech Hotline

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