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Fall leaf season 2015 could be best in years

The annual explosion of High Country color will soon be upon us. Leaves are already beginning to fulfill the name of the season, but plenty will stubbornly cling to their posts through the next several weeks. And while doing so, they'll show off some spectacular shades of yellows, oranges, reds and greens.

According to one western North Carolina leaf expert, this could be one of the most impressive seasons in several years.

Fall leaf color in the mountains of Western North Carolina should be the best it has been in several years because of drier-than-normal conditions this year, an expert at Western Carolina University says.

Kathy Mathews, an associate professor of biology at WCU, recently provided her annual prediction of how foliage around the region will perform as the sunlight of summer wanes and days become frosty. ...

“That’s good news for the North Carolina mountains,” she said. “You will see a range of color in more than 100 species of trees.” ...

“The peak of fall color often arrives during the first and second week of October in the highest elevations, above 4,000 feet, and during the third week of October in the mid-elevations, 2,500 to 3,500 feet,” Mathews said.

The scenic background will draw thousands of visitors to the High Country area. That's a perfect time for many to fall in love with the region, and take time out to find their opportunity to live the dream in the High Country of North Carolina.