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Call to Action: Stop patent trolls

Realtor Party Call To Action
REALTORS® are encouraged to send a letter to their member of Congress in support of legislation that would help curb abuses by patent trolls. Many in real estate have been hit with patent demand letters for using everyday technology, and House lawmakers have crafted H.R. 9 to help curb the practice. You can send a letter in just a few clicks from your computer or phone.

The letter reads in part:
As a REALTOR® in your district, I am writing to ask that you support H.R. 9, the Innovation Act scheduled for House floor consideration the week of July 21st.

REALTORS® across the country receive threatening demand letters and lawsuits alleging patent infringement based on the use of common business tools such as drop down menus or search alert functions on websites and the scanner function on a copier. These patent trolls buy vague patents and use them to turn everyday business practices into potential lawsuits.

We and other small businesses are the victims of abusive behavior at the hands of these trolls. Patent trolls are hurting our economic recovery and forcing companies to divert money that would otherwise be spent to expand our businesses. As a result, targeted companies are left with few options: settle or go through costly, lengthy litigation.

The Innovation Act is a step forward that will protect businesses large and small from frivolous patent lawsuits that are a drain on industry and a tax on innovation. We urge you to pass H.R. 9.