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Come on in, the water's fine .... for a polar plunge!

It's been crazy cold the past few weeks in the High Country. And all that crazy was on display this past weekend at the annual Winterfest in Blowing Rock. Among the many events of the weekend was the polar plunge, which attracted a record crowd crazy enough to immerse itself in the wintry waters of Chetola Lake.

polarplunge2014A record 112 people showed up to support people jumping into the freezing water of Chetola Lake in Blowing Rock on Saturday.

Community members braved the water as part of the 2014 Polar Plunge at the Winterfest Celebration.

Officials say the Plunge raised money for The Watauga Humane Society and the Western Youth Network.

A lot of work was needed to make the jumps possible, because there was a lot of ice to clear. A lot: “Last year it wasn’t as cold so it wasn’t as difficult, but this year with the weather we are having it has been harder. The ice this time is almost three inches thick!”

Plenty of photos of the record crowd - along with shots from ice sculpting, wine tasting, WinterPaws Dog Show and more - are on the Winterfest facebook page. Just one of the many annual local events which make Living the Dream in the High Country worthwhile!