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Things to do on a Weekend - Watch people jump off a mountain

This weekend marks the end of the annual Tater Hill Open, a paragliding and hang gliding contest which dots the High Country skies with flyers of all colors and sizes. It can be breathtaking, minding your own business, driving down 421 in western Watauga County, when ... suddenly! ... the clouds have moving freckles.

The gliders loops and sway. Trace their descents and you can find their landing spot. Watching is free. Bring the kids and they may get to touch a handglider, and meet some men and women who truly know how to fly.

tater hillGoodman added that 65 participants are flying this year, which is slight above the number that flew the previous year.

“Every year, it has grown by just a few pilots,” Goodman, adding that the pilots come from all around the country to fly over the High Country.

For those who want to see gliders in action, Goodman said a great vantage point exists at Silverstone Road in Zionville, where the pilots land.