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Have you herd of the Three Cow Town?

Our State magazine recently ran a feature on a relatively new High Country landmark. Have you seen the cows?

The bovines in question are an artistic take on three tanks located outside Ashe County Cheese factory in West Jefferson. A group of welders and artists, including students from Ashe County High School, created something which now behooves people to see.

Three milk storage tanks, brought to life by the work of a few businessmen, a teacher, and a senior welding class, now look out at passersby as 23-foot-long steel Holsteins guarding their patch of ground fenced in by red petunias and sunflowers. People stop to take photos. As a result, West Jefferson’s Ashe County Cheese is drawing a few new eyes. ... Ashe County Cheese Factory Cows

Apparently you can’t just mount three 250-pound, 8-foot, steel cow heads to 5,000-gallon milk tanks and not get noticed. During the installation on Memorial Day weekend, a videographer shot and posted to YouTube the movie, Three Cow Town.

“It’s kind of a landmark now for the town,” Rogers says.

Three Cow Town is a fun video, showing off just one of the many treasures of the High Country of North Carolina.