High Country Association of REALTORS News

Summertime in the High Country

There’s always an adventure awaiting somewhere in the beautiful High Country. The great outdoors offer many possibilities for an afternoon with the family, from enjoying a day at a lake, walking a secluded trail, or wandering around a mountain peak.

Wildcat Lake near Banner Elk
Wildcat Lake is a 13-acre public recreation area in Banner Elk, free for all to use. Non-motorized boats, canoes and kayaks roam its waters, which are surrounded in part by a walking trail, playground and two picnic shelters.

Swimmers are welcome. There’s a swimming pier and two swimming areas, one shallow for children and another deeper for adults. Licensed fishers can also try their hand at catching a variety of trout. It’s a wonderful Avery County getaway.

The Greenway in Boone
In Boone, there’s a 3-mile trail hidden in the middle of town, enclosed by trees and accompanied by a river. The Greenway attracts runners, walkers, and bikers to take advantage of a scenic wide access path closed to motor vehicles.

It includes three bridges which span the south fork of the New River. There are picnic tables dotting the path, and an open field offers plenty of room for Frisbee or playing catch. It’s a quiet local in a busy town in which you can hear the sounds of nature and see a variety of trees and plant life.

Mount Jefferson view
For those inclined to enjoy an incline, Mount Jefferson Park in Ashe County offers walking trails with an altitude. Rising 1,600 feet above the town of Jefferson, the peak allows for a spectacular view of the area. There’s a picnic shelter and two overlooks for families to enjoy.

The park is easy to access, and open every day through the summer from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

These are just three of the many summer adventures which make this area a great place to call home.