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NEIGHBORS: Home of the unique art of cheese making

The High Country is home to the state's only cheese making facility, Ashe County Cheese. Famous for its grand tastes, it recently made news with its new bovine decor.

Our State Magazine recently spent some time in the factory, detailing just how the goodness is made.

Ashe County Cheese FactoryIn addition to being known for breath-taking mountain scenery and as the location of a thriving Christmas Tree industry, West Jefferson is home to North Carolina’s only cheese factory. The Ashe County Cheese Company makes up to 50,000 lbs of cheese a week. The factory is just around the corner from Main Street, and we’re invited to see how all that delicious cheese is made!

Fun fact - Color is added to the cheese simply due to demand. People want it, so they get it!

Ashe County Cheese Factory is just one of the many great neighbors in the High Country of North Carolina. You can Live the Dream in that squeaky clean neighborhood, thanks to more than 130 opportunities to call West Jefferson, NC home.