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Things to do on a weekend - Take a kid skiing for the first time

Child skiingIt's almost like a rite of passage in the High Country. Most everyone has a memory of their first time exploring a ski slope. For many, it occurred when they were a child. It's not unusual to see more than one young newbie tentatively testing their balance out on the white stuff, wondering just how exactly anyone can move with big sticks on their feet.

But give 'em some time taking lessons, then testing what they learned out of the way of the slopes, and they're ready for action! Before parents can say "Lindsey Vonn" they have a budding Olympian staying upright all the way down the mountain. Just like this recent first-time skier at Sugar Mountain.

Some schools in the area schedule field trips for classes as young as First Grade to take in a day of skiing. Another great reason families want to Live the Dream in the High Country of North Carolina.