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So that's what jumping into cold water sounds like

Blowing Rock Winterfest 2012 is complete, but odds are there are still a couple of people struggling to warm back up. A record 96 people participated in Saturday's Polar Plunge. On the plus side, no ice in Chetola Lake! On the not-quite-negative, the water was a balmy 45 degrees. Not too dramatic but still, it was every man for himself.

Blowing Rock Polar PlungeAn estimated 1800 people rimmed the shores and docks the lake, eager to see the costumes, antics and "splashes" made by the assorted characters from all age groups. With Brown telling the jumpers they were "lucky" this year, what with the usual six inches of ice not formed across the top of the lake, the brave, timid, and intrepid alike braved the 45-degree waters. Many put on a brave face as if to say, "this will be nothin'", but they were among the first to scream, "Oh my God!" or "Oh, #@)&*($!" upon their immersion.

At one point, Brown noted the many couples and father-daughters who jumped, saying, "Chivalry is dead in Blowing Rock. I've never seen so many guys shove their girlfriends, wives and daughters out of the way to get to the ladder first!"

"#@)&*($!" is reportedly Latin for, "Pardon me for my ignorance regarding how quickly I would adapt to the sudden change in temperature." The is the first of two High Country plunges. Students at Appalachian State University in Boone are scheduled to make their descents into the campus' Duck Pond February 16. Dare to Live the Dream - and do so drying off in near freezing water - only in the High Country of North Carolina.