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Live the Dream #39 - Valle Crucis

Valle Crucis is probably best known as the home of the original Mast General Store. But it's also known for its picturesque beauty and phenomenal community park. Almost hidden from the roadside, the 23-acre park boasts soccer fields, picnic shelters, several playground areas, a walking track, fishing spots and the cool waters of the Watauga River.

Surrounding the park is colorful mountain scenery, which in part helped inspire the community's name. As Our State magazine reports, it was more than 170 years ago when an Episcopal bishop, Bishop Levi, came across the spot and named it the "Valley of the Cross." That sentiment has shaped the area ever since.

Valle Crucis SignToday, no one can find the spot that inspired Ives’s vision of the cross. Floods long ago redirected the tributaries making their way to the river. Most everyone embraces the story nonetheless.

“It could be a legend,” says Dedy Traver, unofficial historian of Holy Cross Episcopal Church, which was built in 1925. “We like the legend.”

The spirit that inspired Ives’s vision, however, can be traced through the years and remains today.

The church and its Valle Crucis Conference Center share mountainside land that was part of the plot Bishop Ives purchased for the mission in the 1840s. Traver recounts the way the church’s work in the region has shaped the community as easily as if she were telling you today’s news.

The community remains welcoming, and as beautiful as ever. And there's room today for new neighbors. There are currently more than 200 opportunities to Live the Dream in Valle Crucis, one of the jewels of the High Country of North Carolina. Imagine your days flowing away like this.