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Live the Dream #37 - 50 years of Appalachian Ski Mountain

Appalachian Ski Mountain resides in a great High Country neighborhood. Its entrance is sandwiched between the doorways to the Blue Ridge Parkway and Tweetsie Railroad. The slopes are the youngest of the three, but no less established. Since opening in 1962, App Ski Mountain has not just attracted thousands of tourists to the area but been a convenient winter playground for anyone with a sudden urge to make a run for the snow boarders.

Appalachian Ski MountainAppalachian Ski Mountain celebrated its 50th anniversary during the 2011-2012 ski season. Special events included free admission to the first 100 guests on opening day, plus the ongoing Golden Scavenger Hunt, featuring 50 items painted gold in honor of 50 years of skiing at the resort. The resort's rich history includes forming the French-Swiss Ski College in 1969-70 and beginning the first extensive college-accredited program for skiing. The prestigious college drew several celebrities to the mountain, including Olympic gold medalist Jean Claude Killy, astronaut Charles Duke and the Rossignol Racing Team.

There are more 50th anniversary events set for the season, including 1960s-themed Family Fun Days Friday, January 27; Monday, February 20; and Saturday, March 10. Of course, night skiing is an event all unto itself. It's great having a neighbor you can run down whenever you want.