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The hills are alive with the sounds of a flash mob

Grandfather Mountain flash mobHigh Country fun can often be just a text message away. Back in September Grandfather Mountain spread the word online - we want a flash mob to sing "The Hill Are Alive" while standing on the Mile High Bridge on Tuesday, Sept. 13, at 5:30 p.m. People had a week to respond. No one knew how many would show, or how enthusiastic they would be. There shouldn't have been any worry. The turnout was fantastic.

Grandfather Mountain ended the old year by releasing video of the spontaneous concert.

Fun was had by all on September 13, 2011 when a flash mob converged on Grandfather Mountain's Mile High Swinging Bridge! The hills were truly alive when the record setting crowd danced their way onto the bridge and broke into song. A short clip with Hugh Morton follows. Grandfather Mountain is located in Linville, N.C.