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A day of exploring Julian Price Park

Julian Price Park is a beautiful locale, no matter the time of year. It offers plenty of visual stimulation, from its smooth lake waters to rugged signs of wildlife. A blogger for a hiking website recently spent a day at the park with his camera. He started by capturing a great sunrise, and continued with evidence of just how busy beavers can be.

Price ParkSo back to my Saturday morning. It’s 33 degrees and the whole point of my being here fluttered to the forest floor a week ago. Should’ve been a flop, I suppose, but this turned out to be my favorite hike since McAfee Knob on the Appalachian Trail back in July.

I might’ve been too late for fall color, but I was just in time for morning color.

Little fingers of fog rose from Price Lake as I walked the 2.3-mile trail around the shoreline. That’s Grandfather Mountain in the distance beginning to glow from the morning sun. My favorite section of this hike isn’t remotely photogenic: it’s a backwater bog caused by busy beavers. One of their success stories. (right)

It wasn’t enough to chop down this tree; they seem also to have sheared off almost every scrap of bark. ...

When the fall colors are really popping, the pictures practically take themselves. You have to try a little harder in the weeks after the peak - my favorite time of year to hike the North Carolina high country.

And a great time of day to visit one of many great spots in the High Country.