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The skiing season is doing its best to start

The mild weather of December has not been kind to the High Country's ski slopes. Temperatures are fighting the urge to drop too far, or for too long, below freezing.

But that hasn't stop the slopes from getting as much white stuff out as possible. Appalachian Ski Mountain has been relentless in building a base. And the effort has been paying off for those with a need for some downhill speed.

Appalachian Ski Mountain webcam"We are hoping for cold weather and soon," said Brad Moretz of Appalachian Ski Mountain.

The resort was still open on Thursday with the main slope and one side slope open but others were shut down for lack of snow. "We're having a blast," said one snowboarder after a run down the mountain.

Conditions were wet and icy but a moderate crowd was there. The temperature was 57 degrees at two o'clock in the afternoon with forecasts not expecting the temperature to drop significantly overnight.

Snow is still being made. And some slopes are still open. Just because it's unseasonably warm doesn't mean you can't indulge in some traditional High Country winter fun. And while you do, two words - think snow!