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Coming up on a very special Extreme Makeover

The hit ABC television show, "Extreme Makeover," spent time in the High Country recently filming footage for next year's big Christmas special. The episode will revolve around the Friday family, who live in Lincolnton, just over 90 minutes south of Blowing Rock. The family recently adopted five siblings who once stayed at the Crossnore School, which offers a residential education for special needs children.

The television show decided to add details about the school to the episode, and sent their cameras to Avery County.

Crossnore schoolThe show’s hosts toured the Crossnore campus on camera during the episode’s filming. The show surprised all of the current Crossnore students with a Christmas party complete with Santa and a truckload of gifts.

Avery County’s Roy Krege portrayed Santa Claus.

Gifts included monogrammed luggage filled with presents including iPods, digital cameras, toys, monograpmmed blankets, journals, art supplies, books and personalized towels.

During the party, the “Makeover” hosts contacted the Friday family on vacation and filmed the Crossnore students waving and sharing words of love and congratulations to the “Fab Five” as they played on the beach in Jamaica.

A group of Lincolnton High School students came to Avery County to help the “Makeover” team deliver Christmas to the Crossnore children. The students held a book drive and brought boxes of books for all ages to share with the Crossnore students.

After the surprise party, Lincolnton High senior Stuart Rhea said, “It almost made me cry. Just watching the Crossnore children’s reaction made my Christmas!”

“Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” will air the episode as a two-hour Christmas special in December 2012. Earlier this year, UNC-TV profiled the Crossnore School.