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Things to do on a weekend - Enjoy a Punkin Festival

Halloween is just over a week away. Yards and locales are decorated for the occasion. There are witches, ghosts, hay bales and scarecrows most everywhere. There are also plenty of pumpkins, the staple of any Autumn decor. Nature's orange bulbs are good for carving, cooking or just sitting au natural in the yard. There's also good for themeing a holiday festival, such as the kid-friendly Valle Crucis Punkin Festival. It's Saturday at Valle Crucis School.

Valle Crucis Punkin FestivalKids are invited to participate in all kinds of old-fashioned games like Apple Bob (bobbing for apples hanging from a string), Hoop-La (can you hook the ring?), Punkin Sack Races (try to do that without laughing), and Dog Bowl In (get the ball to stay in one of the dog bowls). Everyone can get their face painted and enjoy food, of course. In addition, kids and their parents have an artistic outlet to carve their Jack ‘o Lanterns with no muss and no fuss. Festival volunteers “cut and gut” the pumpkins for you! Proceeds from the day go to the Western Youth Network (WYN), a non-profit group serving youth and families in Ashe, Avery, and Watauga Counties and the Valle Crucis Elementary School Parent Teacher Student Association. That leads right into one of the event’s theme: Carving for a Cause.

It's actually more than just a kids' event. It's a family event.

“The greatest thing at the festival is [seeing] kids, parents and grandparents working together [and] carving punkins and the laughter and smiles [generated] from the games,” (organizer Hollie) Storie said.