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President of the United States drops by Boone

President Barack Obama had a speech scheduled this morning in Asheville, then an afternoon appearence outside Wilkesboro. In moving from point A to point B, he made a stop in point C - Boone, NC.

The heart of the High Country played host to the commander-in-chief, who did what most visitors do - he hit a downtown icon. The first time in the Candy Barrel is always magical.

President Obama at Mast General StorePOTUS worked his way through the Mast General Store, a family-owned store, which has traditional assortment of dry goods and a working post office. Its major selling point appeared to be tubs of candy, and the sales clerk helped guide POTUS through the confectionery paradise.

"So I just scoop it up?" he asked. "That's how it's done."

As he made his way toward the press, Peter Nicholas of the LA Times said to him: "You won't find this in the White House garden, Mr. President."

"On Halloween, the First Lady doesn't mind," he replied, smiling, as he filled a bucket with maple nut clusters, macaroons, and York peppermint patties.

Rounding the corner, POTUS saw another long candy counter and said, "It just goes on forever."

Oh, it does. It! Does!

Plenty of great photos are online, including a slideshow at the Denver Post.