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Live the Dream STAT: Snow cameo sets record

Early Beech Mountain snow  
4 - Days prior to the previous state record for earliest recorded snow in North Carolina, that snow fell on Beech Mountain this time of year.

October 1 was a day for the record books. Snow was blowing in Boone, and a small amount actually landed and remained briefly on the ground in the highest elevations of Avery County. (The photo from the right was posted on facebook).

Among the many weather records in the state, the white stuff has never been seen this early.
The National Weather Service confirmed that a half-inch of snow was recorded on Beech Mountain on Saturday, Oct. 1.

Forecasters said the earliest recorded snow before this year came on Oct. 5, 1980, when 4 inches of snow fell on Mount Mitchell.

The snow coincides with another weather mark. September was one of the rainiest months ever recorded atop a local landmark.
A total of 9.26 inches of rain was recorded in September at the weather data reporting station located at the top of Grandfather Mountain.

This amount made the month the ninth rainiest September at Grandfather. The record is still set at 30.99 inches received September 2004.

The recording of 9.26 inches was 3.02 inches (48 percent) above the 56-year average rainfall total for the month of 6.24 inches. Rain for the year-to-date totals 46.26 inches, which is 3.39 inches (7 percent) below the 56-year norm of 49.65 inches.