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Now playing the role of cupid, Blowing Rock

It's a story everyone knows. Boy passes girl. Girl passes boy. Neither notice. Years later, girl has issues at work. Boy is the one who has to straighten them out. Girls explains what's happening. Boy notices girl's screensaver. Girl says she visited there once. Boy knows exactly where it is. They start to talk.

You can guess what happens next.

FlowersHagood went over to the computer and took a long look at the picture. Then he turned to Harvey and said, “Where is that?”

Harvey replied “Oh, it’s a little town we love to visit in North Carolina. It is called Blowing Rock.”

Hagood just stared at her for a moment and then he replied in a somewhat surprised voice, “I went to school at Appalachian State in Boone. I know exactly where Blowing Rock is.” ...

The next day Hagood came into school with pictures he had taken from all around the town of Blowing Rock. Ironically, one of the photos was of the bench where Harvey and her daughter had been sitting, but it was, of course, empty. ...

This small talk about Blowing Rock led to Hagood asking Harvey out on a date. ...

From that first date in October, they both agree, it was magical.

Their relationship continued to grow through the winter and they often talked about moving to Blowing Rock.

And move they have. Earlier this year they both ventured from Florida to the High Country, to close on a mountain house. It was here that a proposal was made. The wedding is this winter.

Move over Virginia. The High Country is the new home for lovers.