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This year's home to a national cycling championship

Beech Mountain is well known for its winter attractions, namely some great skiing. But even when the snow's not there and warm sun is in the air the mountain itself stays plenty busy. The slopes come alive with hikers and bikers of all sorts. This weekend, the people in spokes will be of a championship variety. Welcome to the new home of the USA Cycling Mountain Bike Gravity National Championships.

Beech Mountain Ski Resort SummerThe popular North Carolina High Country resort has also been awarded the 2012 championship, and is the first resort in the South to host the event.

“Beech Mountain Resort realizes the increased popularity in cycling, and the demand for a facility with lift access, “ says Ryan Costin, general manager of Beech Mountain Resort, “ We are pleased to host Gravity Nationals, while also producing a facility for all Mountain Bike Enthusiast.“

A lot of work has gone into creating a championship course. And one more headline attraction for a High Country neighbor getting ready for its specialty season in just a couple months. Until then, residents are free to enjoy some snow-free cross country tracking.