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Flash Mob wanted to serenade the High Country

Flash mobs are all the rage. It's an event event coordinated by strangers using the latest in social media. In short, texts go out inviting everyone to show up at location X and do Y at time Z. Pass it on.

Such a mob is now being attempted in the High Country. Calling on singers! This mob's for you!

Swinging BridgeThere will be a flash mob at Grandfather Mountain Tuesday, September 13 and we need your help! We need as many people as possible to come and be a part of the event to make it GREAT!

This flash mob will consist of a large group of people (that’s you guys and ladies!) converging on and around the Swinging Bridge and singing “The Hills Are Alive.” A team from ASU will be on hand to help us capture the event and produce a video for YouTube. We hope to have some local celebrities make cameos as well.

Before you go mobbing, refresh yourself with the lyrics.