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Living the Dream #27 - Life in Ashe County

Ashe County is the star of a recent episode of "Life in the Carolinas," a 30-minute television program dedicated to celebrating all that's good in the Tar Heel state. The show spent several days in the county recently, and its footage not only tells of the county's rich past but also its pleasant present.

Ashe County LifeThe show’s producers have been working in Ashe County for a couple weeks to talk with community leaders and begin to put story ideas together.

According to show host Carl White “Ashe County is a story that needs to be told. The area is enormously rich in artistic talent, and the natural beauty is breath taking. I believe our viewers will be thrilled to discover just how much Ashe County has to offer.”

The episode is in three segments, all of which have been added to YouTube. Topics include the history museum, downtown frescos and, in segment 3, Christmas in July.