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Live the Dream #23 - Land of great Bouldering

The High Country has plenty of challenges for those who enjoy running or biking. But there's also plenty of goals for those who enjoy bouldering. Large chunks of climbable rocks are dotted throughout the area. One visiting climber wasn't just impressed with the rocks, but the people too.

Locals: Boone was (so far) the friendliest place I have visited on my road trip. I seemed to always have a crew to boulder with plus I had numerous non-climbers stop and talk to me, giving me their phone number in case “I happened to need anything” while in town. Amazing! The level of hospitality made me feel like I was back in Ireland. =)

Bouldering has a long history in Boone. One site in Hounds Ears is the first leg in a Triple Crown Bouldering Series. And Grandfather Mountain has gladly opened its great rockdoors to the bouldering community.

Boone rock climbingThese days, most Boone climbers—including Melton and Smathers—are happy to share their once-secret crags with a larger community. They believe it was inevitable that people would find out about Grandmother Mountain.

“It’s now public land,” says Melton. “If you want to rock climb on it, go rock climb on it. I have traveled to other places to climb, so what right do I have to complain about other people who come here?”

Melton hopes Grandmother Mountain’s bouldering scene will draw more people out of the climbing gyms.