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A High Country light show with natural fire works

It's been a hot summer so far in the High Country. That translates to a fair amount of thunder storms, which results in some pretty fantastic light shows both during the days and nights. There were a couple of thunder rumbles last week, as Mother Nature decided to put on her own fireworks shows.

One local photographer captured a great shot of a storm hovering over Grandfather Mountain.

Lightning over Grandfather MountainI didn't get any photos of the July 4th fireworks, but I thought this show over Grandfather Mountain on the 6th was more spectacular.

It was a generally clear night, but for the occasional pop up storms that blew through. The white flecks you see in the sky are stars, and the glow coming from the right is moon glow.

Worth clicking on to see it on black.

Storms moved through the area during the July Fourth holiday. Thankfully they were done and gone in plenty of time for the man-made fireworks. Someone with a video camera in Blowing Rock caught the early light show, with several lightning strikes visible in the clouds moving over the Globe community. Watch for a spell, then close your eyes and image life on a porch swing, a cool wet breeze swirling by you and nature booming all around.