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Live the Dream #16 - Appalachian Rollergirls

This is a story describing one of the benefits of small town living. One person with one idea can make fun happen.

Appalachian RollergirlsLittle over a year ago, Jordyn Coats was a sophomore at Appalachian State in Boone researching roller derby. The sport sounded like fun. She decided to she wanted to join a team, but her first choice wore out her patience. So she did what most anyone can do now days. Sometime in March 2010, she logged into Facebook and threw out a simple question, Anybody wanna start a roller derby team with me? Eighty women responded.

Sixteen months later the Appalachian Rollergirls are jamming and packing through competitions and exhibitions. They won their first bout back in January, and are 4-0 heading into today's home contest in Boone against a team from Asheville.

Even before they started competing, the team was out promoting. They've appeared in local parades, hosted disco parties and come out to local events. They're as social and friendly as girls named Diesel Pusher, Poison Cupcake, and Terror Ize Out can be!

Team names on the Rollergirl squad include The Ashinator, J Gnaws Tin, Knuckle Samich, Nell Raiser and Rolli Canolli. All nicknames have to be original within the framework of the WFTDA, and a website is available to let competitors know which names are already taken.

The Appalachian Rollergirls range in age from 20 to 47, with most of the members having little or no roller derby experience prior to the first four bouts in the team's history. With four straight wins under their belts, however, they are feeling confident about next Saturday's bout.

"There is such a camaraderie in this sport," Carmody said. "We practice with women from other teams when they are in the area. We've had girls from Johnson City, Asheville and even Tampa, Fla., practice with us. It's a great atmosphere. During the bouts we're serious competitors, but then there's always an after-party where we get together to have fun."

Have a dream or idea? You can get it done in the High Country.