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Music Seen: Amantha Mill

Amantha MillAmantha Mill as a name has been attached to two High Country entities. One, a small mill in Watauga County which was washed away in a flood several years ago. The other, a musical clique from a variety of backgrounds with a reputation for eclectic sounds. Bluegrass, gospel, country, and even a few notes of beach music have been known to escape from the plucking hands.

Amantha Mill is comprised of four members,
Rebecca "Becca" Eggers-Gryder (descendant of the family which owned the old mill), Billy Helms, Randy Pasley and John Cockman. They have two albums to their credit, one released in 2003 and the other in 2007. They play regularly throughout the region, including the upcoming Todd Summer Music Series and Concerts on the Lawn in Boone.