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Live the Dream #13 - New River Canoe Race

Well, the word "race" in the title might be a tad strong. There will indeed be some entrants in today's 30th annual New River Canoe Race looking to cover the five miles of cool water in near record time. But there will be plenty more just enjoying a'boatin' and a'floatin' on a clear sunny day down one of the treasures of the High Country.

New River Canoe RaceThe race is open to all ages and skills. It covers primarily flatwater with some Class I rapids. Canoes and kayaks are welcome. It's a laid back event. Once in the water with your clock ticking, you're free to navigate the quiet waters at your own pace. Some will be out for first place, but most just want to be out on the water in the first place.

The Race is a benefit for the Ashe County 4-A Club, which uses the money for scholarships various 4-H events at the local, district and state level. It's also one of the most popular summer events in Ashe County. Boats begin hitting the water at 9 a.m., but the end almost always comes too soon.