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Thomas the Tank Engine returns to the High Country

Tweetsie Thomas the Tank EngineHe arrives tomorrow, his face is among the most famous in the world. He's an international star whose tales are near legend, and he comes each year to the High Country. His appearances attract thousands and pack hotels throughout the area. You will know him by his toots, and the shrieks of children who see him. To quote one writer,

Stroll around Tweetsie Railroad, the mountainous amusement park in Blowing Rock, today and you’re likely to hear something like this, coming from the lips of a 4-year-old boy.

“Myboo-boohurtscanyoupickmeupI’mhungry .. IT’STHOMAS!!IT’STHOMASIT’STHOMAS!!!”

That's right. Thomas the Tank Engine returns to Tweetsie Railroad this weekend. He'll be leading the train as it makes its circuit through the popular theme park. It's one of Tweetsie's biggest attractions of the year. For High Country residents, it's an annual opportunity to conveniently bring the kids out to meet their hero at least once, or twice, or three times, or even daily .. multiple times daily. Capturing expressions like this are worth it. OH MY GOODNESS!!! IT'STHOMAS!IT'STHOMAS! Then again, some just take it in stride. Bonus - Two more major celebrities hit the park later this month.