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Live the Dream #12 - The Hebron Rock Colony

Hebron Rock ColonyThere's plenty of secluded beauty spots within the High Country. One of the more low profile is the Hebron Rock Colony, a collection of huge stones doing its best to stop some flowing fresh mountain water. The combination creates several waterfalls of various sizes, along with waterholes of various depths. Located 20 minutes and a hike outside of Boone, it's popular with locals who know all the best spots to splash and play. It's occasional "discovered" by visitors, such as a family from Winston-Salem who once spent a "simply wonderful" Saturday lost amid the adventure.

At first you will see a normal creek bed that isn’t anything special, but as you keep ascending, you will see the majestic aura of the place.Rocks the size of minivans and larger are waiting patiently for you to walk across their backs. You can stop at any time to picnic, rest, or just chill out on a rock. It is totally normal to sit and wonder how on God’s good green earth did all of the rocks get into one place hidden in the woods and why am I fortunate enough to being sitting here in the middle of it with my kids. ...

The true beauty of this place is the fact that you can make this experience as challenging or as easy as you care, there are always multiple ways of ascending the rocks. It is your choice. You can climb all the way to the top and find a wading pool there, as pictured. If you keep going back into the woods, you will find even more clearings and areas to wade in the water. The kids loved exploring, jumping, swimming, and people watching. As you can see here, the college kids in the waterfall below us were not a very good influence on my daredevil son. Lord help me if he turns out as fearless as his dad.