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Questions you never thought to ask - Can a kid fit in a swim cap?

Avery County YMCAWilliams YMCA of Avery County is home to some of the great indoor swimming pools in the High Country. It includes a children's area, complete with water slides. The YMCA has several swimming classes for all ages, including a popular SPLASH program it conducts with the local school system. At the end of April one children's class ended with a specific challenge. Take a normal regularly-manufactured swim cap, and a child of average size, and test whether said child can fit within said swim cap. Now taking bets!

Yes, the experiment was as thrilling as it sounds. More YMCA of Avery County fun is scheduled for this upcoming weekend. It's the annual Healthy Kids Day. Last year it included facepainting, jump houses. putt putt, fire trucks and a medical helicopter. Just another of the many kid-friendly events that are a mainstay of High Country living.