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Things to do on a weekend: Go jump in a lake

Wildcat Lake in Avery County officially opens this weekend to a new season of outdoor fun. The 13-acre lake area attracts more than 10,000 people a year. It's home to picnic shelters, a playground, public swimming areas, and a variety of trout. It's also open to unmotorized boats, such as canoes and kayaks.

The lake was formed back in the Depression area, but eventually went dry. That all changed in 2009.

wildcat lakeAfter several years of having a dry lake bed and disappointed swimmers and fishermen, Wildcat Lake officially re-opened in May of 2009. A new dam, new pier, new sand and new fish are all back in place. Upgraded picnic facilities, including two shelters, play areas and a bath house all are available. There is no charge to use any of the facilities, although state fishing licenses are required, and reservations for use of the picnic shelters are necessary. Lifeguards are on duty during summer hours.

There's so much you can do, it's hard to make just a quick visit.

Anyway, what we had intended to be just a brief visit to scout around, stretched into a couple of hours, as we enjoyed the beautiful views and watched our daughter happily trying out all the jungle gyms and swings. We intend to come back with our swimsuits and a picnic next summer.

The lake's wide open area is also great for remote controlled model airplane flights, especially those with mini-cams attached.