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How far would you travel for a strong cycling challenge?

If you live in the High Country, an invigorating bike ride is just a random street away. You not only got severe inclines and dashing declines, but roadside scenery so striking it might divert your attention from the muscle screams and sighs. Might. (But it's a god burn, right?)

Snaggy Mountain bike rideThe pedal paths are so worthwhile, bikers from near and far make special trips to take 'em on. How far? Try Canada. That's home to the Morning Glory ride, a collection of Toronto area cyclists who meet twice a week to start a day with 45 kilometers traveled. They're some serious cyclists. And in late April, they brought that adrenaline addiction to Boone. They took on Snaggy Mountain, and have the calves to prove it.

The group produced a video of the rides, which shows off some great Watauga County scenery. They also posted details on just how madly exhilarating their days were.

Our cabins were on top of Snaggy Mountain - the road up to our cabins was 1.7 kms long at an avg grade of 8.6% - we had to ride that everyday at the end of the ride to get to our cabins - we were all shelled each day. The scenery was pretty outstanding as you can imagine - very lush, very green and the roads were in great shape.