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Live the Dream STAT: Rocky didn't train this tough

4,665 - Elevation, above sea level of Mount Jefferson in Ashe County. The mountain towers more than 1,600 feet above nearby Jefferson.

Mount Jefferson runningMount Jefferson is the dominating feature in the heart of Ashe County. Designated as a state park, it has just one road from bottom to top. The apex remains popular with locals and tourists, not just for the views but for anyone looking to simply be out and enjoy the great outdoors. Some come for a picnic. Others to explore the local plantlife.

Then there's the rare few who come for a challenge, such as Jake. Last fall the 14-year-old wrestler-in-training decided one of the best ways to get in shape for the season was to take on the mountain. Not sure where he started, but Ashe County High School sits at the bottom of the mountain. The road to the top is just over 3.5 miles, and go up more than 1,600 feet of elevation. Dad gave him a 35-minute head start before going after him in the car. Guess who reached the top first?