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Live the Dream # 7 - The prettiest hard run you could ever have

Moses Cone firetowerIt's a little known fact that the High Country is a runner's dream destination. There are several competitions, including a marathon, every year. Their attractions include challenging courses, thin mountain air and some of the finest background scenery a runner could imagine.

There are dozens of tracks in the area, both at schools and community parks. There's even more trails. There's also, of course, the Blue Ridge Parkway. It's home to plenty of paths for pounding peds. One in particular is used by the formidable Appalachian State cross country team. It's the Firetower Run, which begins at Moses Cone Manor and ends at its namesake, a firetower open to sightseeing. The trail is about 5 miles in length and includes a 1,000 foot elevation change. That's a run! Or a walk, if you prefer. All it requires is time and determination.