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Live The Dream #4 - A great place to do some birding

Mountain birdingThe soundtrack of spring is the chirps, whistles and bird songs which delightfully dance through parks and hollars. The High Country Audubon Society is attracted to the music, and this week it begins its regular walks to catch the latest tunes.

The first Valle Crucis Bird walk of 2011 is today, April 6. Then Thursday there will be a walk along the Greenway in Boone. There are plenty of singers to which to lend an ear. The Boone area, along with nearby Linville Gorge, are among the top 20 birding areas in North Carolina.

Here's one birder's report on what they heard in the High Country.

Each daybreak I was awake in my bed listening to the dawn chorus of the eastern woodlands. And again, I set myself up for high expectations bird wise, hoping to see Cerulean and Black-throated Blue Warblers practically falling at the doorstep. Well, it isn’t that simple. This was not a birding trip so my active birding was limited to backyard birding at my brother’s house, walking the very steep gravel road that led to our mountain cabin, and some short trails and quick overlook views on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I think I expected a little more birdiness out in the Appalachians then we actually had, but all in all, I wasn’t disappointed with a Barred Owl that called under a star-filled night sky, fussing House Wrens, American Crows in abundance, Song and Chipping Sparrows, a bright pair of Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, Slate-colored Juncos, and American Goldfinches in beautiful breeding colors. The real starring warblers of our mountain retreat were the numerous Chestnut-sided Warblers staking out their territory every 75 yards or so with an incessant “very, very, pleased to meetcha” song.