High Country Association of REALTORS News

"You're blessed to be in a dark part of the world"

As picturesque as the High Country is during the day, the power of the night sky is enthralling. There are regions of the area where layers of bright stars twinkle with power thanks to the absence of competition from surrounding light sources. It's captivating, and enthralling for children seeking constellations. "Which one is the Big Dipper again, dah-dah?"

Vatican astronomer Brother Guy Consolmagno recently visited the Boone area and, during a television interview with the Appalachian State chancellor, verbally envied the opportunities for budding astronomers here because, "You're blessed to be in a dark part of the world. .... It's just astonishing. Anybody who's not been to a star night here should come and visit because it is so beautiful."