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High Country challenge - Is it cold enough to make snow

Ice on the Mile High Swinging BridgeIt can get cold in the mountains. And the higher you go, the more frigid it can be. Throw in some wind, and you can indeed get a deep chill in your bones.

There aren't any High Country peaks taller than Grandfather Mountain, which extends 5,946 feet into the atmosphere. From its top you have magnificent views. But when it's cold, it gets intensely cold. So cold that, one day, some intrepid employees of the state landmark decided to try an experiment - is it cold enough to make snow?

They chose January 3 of this year to give it a try. It was 2 degrees Fahrenheit, with winds above 65 miles per hour. All they needed was a pot of boiling water, and a run outside.

There was the promise to repeat the experiment, but alas, the winter has since been kinder to the mercury. According to the mile-high weather station atop Grandfather Mountain, there were 10 days last month when the temperature stayed above freezing. The average low was a mild 27 degrees, thanks in great part just two days below zero (-2 on the 12th and 13th).

Grandfather Mountain is just one the of the many local treasures here, and another reason to Live the Dream in the High Country of North Carolina.