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Things to do on a weekend - Get lost in a maze

There's Halloween scary, when a sudden "boo!" or creepy music gives you the willies. Then there's the slow burn fright. You're lost in an unfamiliar place, knowing a way out is possible but not having it before you. What if you can't find it? What if you have to yell for help? What is no one hears?

That's part of the amusing tension inherent in the New River Corn Maze, a puzzle of a pathway located just outside of Boone alongside the famous waterway. Everyone who enters walks a path that has an exit. It's just buried amidst a lot of wrong turns, dead ends and, hopefully, laughter. Nervous laughter, but still laughter.

New River Corn MazeWith its switchbacks, dead ends, circles and high corn, it could be hard to get through the maze. And that’s the whole idea.

The New River Corn Maze, located on Laurel Gap Ridge Road outside of Boone, is more than four acres of corn with more than a mile of trails for those ready to try their luck.

Tucker and his brother-in-law Thomas Brown decided to open the maze from Friday, September 3, to Halloween on the weekends. ...

Corn was planted the first week of June, and some is now more than 12 feet tall. Upon entering the maze, you can’t see too much out of the maze except for a hill of Christmas trees on one side.

“It’s thick; you’re not going to get through it,” Tucker said.

This weekend the maze becomes more than just a maze. It's a haunted maze! Just one more attraction unique to the High Country, and another spooky treasure among many for those who call the area home.