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Things to do on a weekend: Don a kilt and dance

The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games are in full leg today. Dozens of kilt-adorned men will be competing in feats of strength and poise, while hundreds of similarly dressed spectators mill about among the thousands wearing more modern attire.

Grandfather Mountain Highland GamesMost of the attention the Games generate goes to the physical activities at McRae Meadow. But it's all acted out in an atmosphere of fine Scottish song and dance. The music of the Highlanders is inescapable, from the Celtic Rock Concert to the Atlantic International Highland Dance Championship Competition. There's also the Scottish Country Dancing, which is open to anyone.

Scottish Country Dancing is the traditional ballroom dancing of Scotland (and one of its best kept secrets). It's not the sword dance and fling as performed by the Highland dancers. Rather it is a social dance whose winding patterns are reminiscent of interlacing Celtic knotwork, and whose circle, lines and square formations came from the Lowlands and other parts of Britain.

From Scotland's 400-year alliance with France came the elegance of the French court dance, and from the vitality of a mountain people came the lively movement and lightness of foot. Like Scotland's unique musical heritage, Scottish Country Dancing reflects the country's rich cultural heritage.
An opportunity to dance or observe is provided on Saturday and Sunday at MacRae Meadows at the Country Dancing platform, located just outside the main gate.