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Live The Dream #8 - Merlefest

Music festivals don't get much more down home - or down right authentic - than Merlefest. Held on a community college campus with more than a dozen stages and near-continuous music, Merlefest annually attracts a lineup of singers, pickers and players from all over the country.

Merlefest 2011The 2011 edition officially begins tonight, then really opens up Friday with a weekend packed with music from morning to who knows when. More than 90 acts are scheduled, plus there's the unscripted improvs such as the midnight jams.

Each festival has national headliner acts, such as Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson or Steve Martin. This year's it's Robert Plant and the Band of Joy. Most all acts are low-key is all aspect but the music. Just a stage, some mics, and some mighty fine melodies.

MerleFest takes place in Wilkesboro, a short drive east from the High Country. More than 75,000 people come out for it each year.